If you’re a vegan or vegetarian in 2019, we commend you! With all of the fabulous foodie restaurants popping up all over Sarasota, it can be hard to restrain yourself from meat and other animal products. I’m sure eating out on a restrictive diet can be difficult, but you deserve to treat yourself just as much as any carnivore out there! So we’ve curated this list of the best restaurants in Sarasota to eat at if you are a vegan or vegetarian. 

Ionie Raw Lifestyle & Cafe 

Ionie Raw Food Cafe has an all-organic menu that features juices, smoothies, shakes and raw food entrees and desserts. For a plant-based diet, this is a great destination because all of their dishes are also dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free and all raw. Some of the local favorites from Ionie Raw Lifestyle & Cafe are their personal pizzas, lasagna, and savory wraps. 


"Lila" means creative play in Hinduism. Lila Sarasota brings spontaneity and playfulness to organic, healthy and mostly vegetable food into the heart of Sarasota. They serve small portions of meat so if you bring a friend that eats it, they can still enjoy their meat-filled meal alongside you! Head Chefs and owners of Lila, Ryan Boeve and Arthur Lopes, wanted to bring locally-sourced food into a casual venue for all of Sarasota to enjoy. 

Beauty of Sprouts

Beauty of Sprouts is providing organic, raw, vegan, gluten-free and vegetarian menu options for all of you who have decided to try a plant-based diet. They thank their customer base for wanting to take care of the world and themselves, by choosing a restrictive diet. Their goal is to support and improve the lifestyle of all Sarasota locals. Stop by and taste for yourself how delicious being vegetarian or vegan can be! 

So Fresh

So Fresh is a Tampa restaurant favorite because we know when we eat at SoFresh, we leave full and happy. If you’re a vegetarian, skip the meat on top of your bowl or salad and you’re off to a great day. They are on a mission to make healthy, simple food, fast and accessible to everyone!

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Leaf & Lentil

Sarasota’s newest vegetarian and vegan eatery has made fast-casual dining healthy. They have a fresh menu with lots of vegan and gluten-free options. Grab a veggie burger, chickpea salad sandwich on rye or a falafel plate and you’ll be coming back for more in no time! 

Crop Juice

Though CROP Juice is known for their juices, which are mighty delicious, they also have smoothie bowls and more hearty food that will keep you full all day long. They’re serving up vegan, organic & gluten-free food like kale caesar salads and pesto and ricotta pizzas. If you go for breakfast, the avocado toast is a must-try. And lunch? The sesame noodles! 

Fork My Life

Whether you’re looking to grab a quick bite to eat or want to get your own ingredients to serve up delicious vegetarian or vegan meals at home, Fork My Life carries all of the necessities. They are a vegan cafe and bakery that also sells vegan meats and cheeses, both oil and oil-free upon request. Perfect if you have a friend visiting from out of town with a restricted diet! 

Four Winds Cafe

Four Winds Cafe is a student-run cafe at New College of Florida that has opened to the public and ready to share their love of good food. They serve up fresh vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free food and coffee in Sarasota. Perfect for students, locals and visitors alike who are vegan or vegetarian. 


For more assistance sticking to your Vegetarian diet, join the Vegetarian Community on 941area. Use our vegetarian and vegan community page to post relevant articles, connect with one another, share recipes, ask questions, and rave about everything related to plant-based eating!