Are you wondering where to get the most delicious clam chowder in Bradenton & Sarasota? We'll help you out! Clam chowder is one of the tastiest soups in the US that's rich in protein and flavors.

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Its texture is somewhere between soup and stew, and it's made with a delectable mixture of potato, clams, and bacon too. Also, the onion and celery form a delicious flavor base to give depth and complexity to the dish. Now, there are several restaurants that you must try out for clam chowder, like: 

Bonefish Grill | Sarasota
3971 South Tamiami Trail, Sarasota FL, 34231
Bonefish Grill is a well-known contemporary grill chain that serves delicious seafood, steaks, and cocktails. The place is also popular for its Chowder and Lump Crab, made with a hint of bacon for that extra taste.

The best thing about the dish is that it has options for being served in a bowl or cup. So, you can decide how you want to try it. Make sure to enjoy the dish with your friends or family for the next dining out.
Anna Maria Oyster Bar Cortez
6696 Cortez Rd, Brandenton FL, 34210
For a casual and kid-friendly seafood restaurant that serves top-quality clam chowder, Anna Maria Oyster Bar is surely worth trying. The outstanding bar is popular for its nautical accents and outdoor seating. Plus, their New England clam chowder is absolutely flavorful.

The dish is created with all the staple ingredients to add that perfect overall taste. Not just that, they are quite quick and timely with their services. So, you wouldn't be tasting any cold clam chowder whatsoever.
Caddy's Bradenton
4.8  5 Rating (8)
801 Riverside Drive East, Bradenton FL, 34208
A tropical paradise that serves delicious clam chowder. That's exactly how Craddy's Bradenton could be described. The iconic restaurant is located in a beautiful ambiance of Manatee River, boat docks, tiki huts, and an outdoor stage.

While the place is known for serving several iconic dishes, its clam chowder is a standout amidst all. The cream-based soup, loaded with chunks of seafood, can make you go ga-ga over the same. Do order it if you've been craving some clam chowder lately!
Captain Brian's Seafood Market & Restaurant
4.0  4 Rating (1)
8421 N Tamiami Trail, Bradenton Beach FL, 34243
Captain Brian's Seafood Market & Restaurant is an outstanding laid-back spot that serves delicious lobster, shrimp, and other seafood. Besides that, the place is known for its flavor-rich Manhattan clam chowder.

The dish is made with delicious clams, tomatoes, and veggies. After that, it's cooked to perfection in a clam broth. Sounds mouthwatering, doesn't it? The iconic restaurant is also known for its salad bars and market. So, don't miss out!
Speaks Clam Bar
4.7  5 Rating (2)
8764 E. State Rd 70, Bradenton FL, 34202
Speaks Clam Bar, as the name suggests, is quite recognized for its seafood and clam-related dishes. The speakeasy turned Italian Clam Bar serves delectable New England clam chowder with the best and high-quality ingredients. It's filled with middle-neck clams, onions, and potatoes, to prepare a rich and creamy broth.

You can combine this delicious soup with other dishes and craft cocktails for an experience like never before. Besides the seafood varieties, you can order other dishes like homemade pasta and sauces. So, check'em out for the perfect food experience.