Is there someone in your life that you’ve been dying to spoil? Maybe it’s the cutie you always see at the gym or a friend that you think deserves to be taken out on a date and treated right. But, sometimes it’s hard to pick a spot that you know you'll both enjoy. Luckily, we’re here to give you some ideas and inspiration. Check out our list of the best first date ideas in Sarasota. 

Mandeville Beer Garden

If your date is a beer connoisseur take them to Mandeville Beer Garden to be sure both of you enjoy your quality time together. It’s a great spot to sip on brews and get to know one another while you join in on corn hole or ping pong for a good time. If the date doesn’t go as expected, you might inspire them to become a home-brewer so don’t feel bad, not every date is going to be superb. 

McCurdy’s Comedy Theater

I know that I like people who can make me laugh, or at least laugh with me at someone else. That’s why a great first date spot is McCurdy’s Comedy Theater in Sarasota! Grab a cocktail, have a laugh and enjoy your date's company as you sit back and enjoy each other's sense of humor. If the date is laughable, you might even turn into material for your favorite comedian! 

Social Eatery & Bar

If you want to impress this date, there’s nowhere better to take them than Social Eatery & Bar! With a romantic atmosphere, this is a great date night destination where you and your date can sit back, relax and just simply get to know each other (over a few cocktails, of course!). If your tummy starts rumbling they serve charcuterie boards and small bites that will satisfy your every craving. 

Pangea Alchemy Lab

Want to meet your date out for a couple of late-night cocktails? Then the best bar in Sarasota to take them to is Pangea Alchemy Lab. Even if your date is a bartender, they will be thoroughly impressed with service, atmosphere and beautifully prepared cocktails that will be served for your date. This will make it a first-date to remember for both of you. 

Painting With a Twist

If everything you do is done with a twist, why not take your potential boyfriend or girlfriend to Painting with a Twist on your first date. Not only will you be able to do something silly together but you also get a gift to take home. If the date wasn’t great, don’t stress! It’s always fun to craft with someone new. 

Marie Selby Botanical Gardens

If you need a place where it’s quiet so the two of you have ample time to get to know each other, take your date to the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens. You can sit in the shade and chit chat, while you enjoy the simplicity of nature. If you guys are hitting it off, the gardens are a great spot for that first couple selfie together. 

Livingston's Amusement Center

Show your potential significant other that you’re all about the fun and take them to Livingston’s Amusement Center. Not only will they feel nostalgic about all of their childhood memories in similar arcades and amusement parks but it’ll give you both a reason to show each other your fun side. Just don’t get too competitive or the date might end earlier than expected. 

Boca Sarasota

Considering dating a vegan or vegetarian? Well, a great place that serves up meals for diets of all kinds is Boca Sarasota. They have cute cocktails and a friendly atmosphere where you'll feel right at home. Enjoy a happy hour with your date confidently knowing Boca Sarasota serves plenty of options for every diet. 

So if you're date goes well remember:

And if you think the other person just wasn't that into you, don't forget: 

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