Having one of the country's top-rated beaches, Sarasota is a hot spot for tourism and vacationing in Florida. This seaside city also has great dining options, so be sure to check out Sarasota's best restaurants while you're at the beach!

Owen's Fish Camp

Extremely high on the list of Sarasota's best restaurants, Owen's Fish Camp serves the freshest fish you can get with their local catches each day. The atmosphere is welcoming and relaxed with beautiful outside seating area featuring a large banyan tree, a tire swing for the kids, warm string lights, picnic benches, and a fire pit. To it all off with one of their many craft beer or wine selections to complete a fun evening.

Station 400 Sarasota

If you're not a seafood fan, Station 400 Sarasota has been rated Sarasota's best brunch spot, and it may become new favorite, too. The restaurant used to be a railroad depot back in 1852, so it's full of history and charm. With a large, diverse menu featuring gluten-free and healthy options as well as unique mimosas and fresh-squeezed juices, the Station caters to everyone, including the pickiest of eaters.

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Buddy Brew Coffee Sarasota

Time for a coffee stop? In the heart of Downtown Sarasota, you'll find Buddy Brew Coffee Sarasota with friendly baristas and the best cappuccinos around! It's cozy atmosphere makes it the perfect place to sip on coffee, especially with lovely outdoor seating featuring a fire pit for the colder days.

Perq Coffee Bar

Perq Coffee Bar is another great coffee place in Sarasota, especiallyif you are a coffee coinnosseur who enjoys black coffee and espresso shots! Their uniquely-decorate shop serves fresh, high-quality coffee, leaving you well-caffeinated and your taste buds pleased.

Mozzarella Fella

Mozzarella Fella on Main Street is just a pinch away from being a five-star lunch location, making it one of Sarasota's best restaurants. This relaxed eatery makes orders quickly and the best sandwich you’ve ever had. It's not often you get speed and quality! 

Louies Modern

For a fancy date night, Louies Modern, also near Main Street, is a spacious and beautiful place to grab dinner. Their food is absolutely delicious, but their bar is even better as they have a number of unique cocktails, including the smoking pineapple. It's served in a huge copper pineapple and is presented with smoke swirling from its brim, making for a fun drinking experience and Instagram photo!

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Next time you're at the beach or in the area, be sure to stop and try one of Sarasota's best restaurants. If you've been to one of them, we'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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