Living in the South BBQ, better known in these parts as 'Q,' is a staple!. States known for ridiculously good BBQ include Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, Missouri, and of course Texas. While Florida is known for seafood, as more and more people migrate to the area, the BBQ just keeps getting better and better! We recommend following Events in Sarasota to stay on top of BBQ contests in the 941. They are an excellent way for you to try many of the 'Q' hotspots we've listed below all at one big BBQ party! Let us know what you think about the BBQ joints we've listed below in Best BBQ in Sarasota.

Nancy's Bar-B-Q

This gem located in downtown Sarasota is the place to get a hearty meal at a great price. The ribs fall off the bone, and the brisket is some of the best you will ever try. And don't forget the sides. At a BBQ joint, the sides are equally important, with restaurants striving for years to perfect their beans. The beans, slaw, and mac n cheese are all good at this best BBQ restaurant in Sarasota! 

Brick’s Smoked Meats

This hip BBQ restaurant located in downtown Sarasota serves authentic southern BBQ in a relaxing and welcoming setting. Favorites here include brisket, corn, pulled pork, and pit-smoked beans. Prices are a little higher than the others but well worth it!

Sonny's BBQ (Sarasota)

This popular chain restaurant consistently gets it right and at the right price. The beef brisket melts in your mouth, and the pulled chicken on Texas toast is out of this world. You may have to wait for a table, but once you order everything is served quickly. 

Alday's BBQ- Sarasota

Don't let the location fool you; this small family-operated BBQ joint knows how to make pulled pork. The brisket is always tender, and the staff is friendly. This could be your weekend go-to as it only opens Friday-Sunday. Cheat days are best spent on the weekend, and there's no better cheat food than BBQ in our book! 

Korean SSAM Bar

While American BBQ is good, Korean barbecue kicks up the heat. We just had to include SSAM on the best BBQ in the Sarasota list. This restaurant has all the usual Korean eats served at the hands of a sushi chef, but the spicy BBQ-fired chicken has been experienced. It is memorable and will have you returning again and again!

Mission BBQ

This small chain restaurant fires up a tender pulled pork sandwich we can not get enough of, along with traditional BBQ dishes. The staff is always friendly and helpful.  We like to rate our BBQ experience by napkin usage, and Mission, well they never disappoint when it comes to the napkin count!

Hickory Hallow BBQ

Four words that equal delicious to us carnivores... falling off the bone!  You'll find dedication to craft at this family-owned, cash-only BBQ restaurant in Sarasota.  Popular with locals, aside from their BBQ meats, they serve up tasty sides including a crisp Waldorf Salad, traditional Macaroni and Cheese, Mashed Potatoes with Anjou gravy, and a sweet corn pudding. 

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