Let's be honest, what's a weekend in Sarasota without eating a hot dog?

Hot dogs happen to be one of the most delicious, modest, and humble foods in the culture of America. A tasty sausage, carefully placed in-between fresh loaves of bread, and topped with mustard and ketchup can make anyone feel hungry. No wonder Sarasota has many food places offering both experimental and traditional hot dogs.

Now, with plenty of hot dog joints to choose from, you're spoiled for choice. To help you make a call like a pro foodie, we've listed our top 5 hot dog places in Sarasota - check these to kill your good-food hunger cravings. 

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Restaurant $$
1544 Main Street, Sarasota FL, 34236
Doggystyle is a family-owned restaurant that serves the best hotdog in the city. This family-friendly restaurant is right on the main street. They feature a variety of homemade condiments to choose from, including chili sauce, barbecue sauce, and more. Their Chicago and Jersey-style hot dogs are a must-try.
Old Salty Dog City Island
4.5  5 Rating (6)
1601 Ken Thompson Pkwy, Sarasota FL, 34236
The Old Salty Dog Island serves some of the best hot dogs in Sarasota. They have a great selection of hot dogs at a super affordable price - and they don't skimp on the toppings, either.
Their hot dogs are served on a freshly made bun with homemade toppings. The best part - their establishment is dog friendly and has indoor as well as outdoor seating. This means you can bring your pets to enjoy fresh-made hot dogs in an inviting atmosphere.
Hob Nob Drive in Restaurant Sarasota
4.7  5 Rating (1)
1701 N Washington Blvd, Sarasota FL, 34234
Hob Nob is a fantastic option for those looking for something a little different. Located in downtown Sarasota, this restaurant offers hot dogs with all the fixings, including buns and toppings. They make hot dogs using grilled and buttered buns to amplify the taste.
Moreover, Hob Nob also has an extensive menu of other food options, so if you're hungry after trying one of their hot dogs, you can order something else off the menu.
Tony's Chicago Beef Co.
Restaurant $
6569 Superior Ave, Sarasota FL, 34231
This Chicago-style hot dog spot is the best place to grab an authentic hot dog. They serve 100% homemade and fresh meals. The fresh-cut fries bring a special touch to the taste.
We say, try their Chicago fire hot dog to level up your hot dog taste.
New Pass Baithouse & Grill
4.9  5 Rating (3)
1505 Ken Thompson Pkwy, Sarasota FL, 34236
Visit New Pass Baithouse & Grill, relax on a picnic table, grab your favorite hot dog and a beer, and enjoy the beautiful view.
This hot dog house has been serving quick bites since 1929. They serve your hot dog just the way you want it - that too with your choice of fresh toppings. The place is a must-visit on a relaxing weekend.