A day of being in the sun and sand in Bradenton and Sarasota isn’t complete without a seafood dish like a hearty grouper sandwich! No matter how you like it —  baked, grilled, fried, or blackened—a juicy and freshly caught grouper for your sandwich is the perfect choice for seafood lovers. So, if you’re looking for a meal that’s worthwhile in the area, these are the restaurants to find the best grouper sandwich in Bradenton and Sarasota!

Farlow's On The Water

Come to Farlow’s On The Water in Englewood for lunch to get the grouper sandwich or basket! This tasty sandwich is served either grilled, blackened, or battered and fried on a kaiser bun. Pick your side - refreshing pineapple coleslaw, fries, sweet potato fries, quinoa salad, or chips!

Phillippi Creek Oyster Bar

The grouper sandwiches at Phillippi Creek Oyster Bar in Sarasota are a town favorite. Either served fried, chargrilled, or blackened, these thick slabs of grouper are served on a sesame seed bun with a side of chips and a pickle spear.

Star Fish Company Market

Star Fish Company Market in Bradenton Beach has fresh seafood entrees of all types, but the grouper sandwich is a fan favorite that locals keep coming back to. Simple yet delicious, the grouper is always fresh and grill-crusted to perfection!

Walt's Fish Market, Restaurant and Tiki Bar

Go to Walt’s Fish Mart in Sarasota for a warm and toasty grouper sandwich. Start off with conch fritters before biting down on the grouper sandwich made either fried, broiled, blackened or grilled! Come for lunch if you want to munch on their grouper reuben that’s on marbled rye bread and topped with swiss, and slaw.

Siesta Key Oyster Bar

Siesta Key Oyster Bar’s grouper sandwich is a classic in Sarasota. Grilled and served hot on a toasted roll with your choice of side, this perfectly flaky fish is the talk of the town when it comes it delicious grouper sandwiches.

Dry Dock Waterfront Grill

At Dry Dock, the grouper sandwich is enjoyed with a waterside view of Longboat Key. This restaurant specialty is served with fresh grouper that is either grilled, fried, or blackened to your liking on a toasted bun, yum! 

Big Water Fish Market

Grouper sandwiches at Big Water Fish Market in Sarasota are something that this restaurant knows backward and forwards. The “grouper grill” sandwich is an icon, being voted as the best grouper sandwich in Florida in 2016! Either blackened, fried, or grilled, this sandwich is served with tomato tartar sauce and lettuce. Big Water Fish Market also has a grouper reuben sandwich and Grouper Rachael served with swiss cheese and refreshing key lime coleslaw!

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Photo from Phillippi Creek Restaurant & Oyster Bar Facebook page