The coffee scene has become quite an important one. Whether you're working, meeting a friend, or on vacation, coffee shops have become the place to go. Here in Sarasota, we've found some great options for you to grab a cup o' Joe:

Buddy Brew Coffee Sarasota

A very popular shop right in the heart of downtown, Buddy Brew Coffee is tucked under the parking garage, making it a perfect stop to start your day. Buddy Brew Coffee originated in Tampa and found its way down to Sarasota, so their beans are stil fresh and somewhat local. They only use their own beans that they roast in Tampa and, their beans have a variety of notes and regions where they are sourced from such as parts of Africa and South America. In addition to a great cup of coffee, they also provide a nice outdoor seating area with comfy patio furniture and fire pit tables during the colder days. Buddy Brew Coffee is a perfect place to relax and catch up with friend!

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Perq Coffee Bar

If you are in to the art and craft of coffee, Perq Coffee Bar is your spot. This location keeps it clean and simple when it comes to their drinks. There aren't any flavors to be added to your coffee, or creamer for your cup of drip. They do serve up a mean coffee though, you won't mind it being black. There espresso drinks are also very delicious, my favorite being a flat white. They do a great job of dialing in the espresso making sure you taste only the best. The coffee ranges between roasters, so it is nice to go in and try new coffees from new places every now and then. They have a good amount of seating inside and around 2 or 3 tables outside. The feel here is more for study or work than for visiting I would say though. 

Pastry Art  

A local favorite, Pastry Art is a wonderful shop to get coffee, desserts, and sandwiches. There's usually a bit of a line, but it moves quickly, and you know it's good enough to wait for if people continue lining up! They're also doing other things right like specializing your coffee even if it's not on the menu, and the location is also great as it's right on Main Street Downtown. 

The Clever Cup Coffee Shop

A quaint place to get for your caffeine fix, the Clever Cup Coffee Shop offers the most charming and comfortable atmosphere. Their logo is a cute fox, which they have stamped everywhere. The cafe is open with appealing decor, tables, and chairs, and the baristas are approachable and patient. They enjoy talking with customers and take time the time to explain the different coffee drinks. One thing they're proud to say is that they use beans from a local roaster 30 minutes away in Venice.

Out and About Coffee

In my opinion, the best coffee in Sarasota can be found at Out and About Coffee, a little coffee cart on Main Street. Their espresso is delicious, their cold brew is the best, their latte art is on point, and their personalities are just the cherry (of whipped cream, in this case) on top! They use only the best quality of beans from multi-roasters, and you can taste how much they care they take to create a good cup of craft coffee. They even have growlers for sale so you can take home some cold brew for the week. This cart is one you will want to stop at, so talk a walk down Main and meet them when you're in Downtown Sarasota.

LeLu Coffee

Are you by the beach and need your coffee? Lulu Coffee is located right on Siesta Village with their lovely tropical shop. Not only do they serve great coffee made with their own beans, but their smoothies are to die for, and their food is just as delicious! The outdoor seating area is ideal for enjoying the beautiful weather outside. You can people-watch or just take in the scenery you while you sit in the small courtyard in front or the tiki-style area in the back. If you want to escape the sun for a while, their interiors are pretty dark and they have comfy couches.

The best coffee shops in Sarasota are truly terrific places to grab coffee. Let us know which one is your favorite in the comments below!

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Cover photo courtesy of Unsplash