Imagine yourself on a board or in a kayak, paddling your way across sparkling waters. Sounds of seagulls echo overhead; skies are clear and blue, and the sun's rays feel like a warm hug. Your smiling loved ones are nearby on boards or in kayaks of their own. In this moment, all is well.

This dream can easily become a reality with SUP Englewood, offering wonderful eco tours as well as paddleboard and kayak rentals for the whole family. They also provide private paddleboarding lessons that are perfect for children or beginners. 


SUP Englewood has several tour locations in the area: Lemon Bay, Boca Grande and the Great Calusa Blueway, Oyster Creek, Stump Pass Beach State Park, and Don Pedro Island State Park. Their eco tours are led by a naturalist tour guide, who educates you about the local environment as you paddle. Whichever location you go to, you're guaranteed to see local flora and fauna including sea stars, manatees, dolphins, and coastal birds. Eco tours are both educational and a great form of exercise!

Eco tours are especially fun with SUP Englewood as owner Nicole Killian, a longtime outdoors enthusiast, is passionate about paddleboarding, kayaking, and the local environment.  She says, "I love teaching people about our coastal ecosystem, and there's no better way than on a paddleboard or kayak trip. We're able to be quiet enough that nature comes to us. My enthusiasm for nature and conservation is contagious! I'm proud to offer ethical eco tours in Southwest Florida." 

All eco tours are customized for your party's skill level, and no paddling experience is needed, so family members of all ages can go paddleboarding or kayaking. SUP Englewood will also allow you to explore another location, accommodate large groups, and even take you on a sunset eco tour, if you request it.

With a tour guide to help navigate, eco tours are the safest way to explore local waters and enjoyable for all skills levels, especially beginners. However, if you're well-acquainted with paddleboarding or kayaking, you can also venture out on your own in a rental.

SUP Englewood's paddleboard and kayak rentals provide everything you need for a fun family outing including safety equipment, land lessons, and a review of local paddling hazards in the area. For families with young ones, a quarto kayak is perfect as it can accommodate two adults and two small children.

If you and your family don't know how to paddleboard, SUP Englewood offers private lessons that teach balancing and maneuvering basics as well as how to identify paddling hazards and self-rescue. By the time you're done working with your instructor, you'll be a pro and ready to paddle solo!

With so much local beauty to explore, don't just sit in your house this summer. Get out and let SUP Englewood take you on a paddleboard or kayak adventure! They say "Everyone can SUP" (stand-up paddleboard), so these are great activities for families and singles alike. 

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