Books with entertaining stories tend to be the most memorable. Hearing others' stories and reflecting on one's life is a powerful way to foster empathy and envision ways to improve the world. 

Now that a new year has begun, it is time to become acquainted with some of the most compelling new perspectives in publishing.

Need a good read? We've got the perfect book for you. Browse our list below and add these five books to your to-be-read list. Also, our recommendations are available in all top-rated bookshops in Bradenton & Sarasota, FL.

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Top 5 Books on Your To-Be-Read List

The Birth Order

With any luck, this book will provide you with more than just a few "ah-ha" experiences if you are a parent, have a huge family, or are in charge of a vast team. The book discusses the effects of birth order on one's identity, marital and interpersonal relationships, parenting style, professional life, and offspring. Intrigued? Barnes & Noble got you covered.

The Change

Three women go through menopause together and discover their strengths. Men will learn the hard way. One woman can interact with the souls of murdered girls, helping the others uncover horrible mysteries and correct wrongs.

Taking issues into one's own hands is sometimes the only option, especially for women. In this case, the term "girl power" takes on an entirely new meaning. Get your read from Books-A-Million and have your quiet read on your balcony while sipping some margarita.

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

The book has risen to the top of many readers' recommendations thanks to its gripping plot, tragic love tale, and abundance of classic Hollywood splendor. Jenkins Reid has an uncanny ability to immerse readers in the thoughts of her compelling characters from the very first page. Get this book at Bookstore1Sarasota.

We Do What We Do in the Dark

Still reeling from the loss of her mother, Mallory falls in love with an older woman at the gym. She takes Mallory to a lifestyle she had only imagined, changing her life even after their relationship ends.

This subtle, tightly wound novel investigates how humans can inflict change and harm on one another. If you are open to this genre, take a tour of Books-A-Million, to get yours and you won't be disappointed.

Like a House on Fire

Merit's marriage and domestic life began to feel monotonous when she met Jane, a brilliant architect. But Jane injects it with a bolt of electricity that is more than a professional friendship; it is an opportunity to conceive a better life. If you're looking for anything to fuel your creativity, go no further than this tale of female relationships.

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