Are you an Instagram Influencer? Or Trying to become one? Well, then this is a must-read list for you. We’ve got the top 10 most stunning Instagram backdrops in Sarasota listed here for you. 

So, what do you look for when taking an Instagram? I look for good lighting, a fresh backdrop and something new for my followers each time I post an image. You never want your feed to stay stagnant, so make it a day with your best friend where you both adventure to one of these gorgeous spots in Sarasota and take endless photos of each other. After all, if they're really your best friend they know your best angles! 

Here is our list of the most stunning Instagram backdrops in Sarasota! 

Sarasota Jungle Gardens

Image courtesy of @sarasotajunglegardens on Instagram. 

Whether you’re a family looking to take cute pictures of your kids or a solo Instagram with greenery in the background, Sarasota Jungle Gardens is the most picture-perfect spot. They even have animals for you to pose with like the parrots and reptiles! You can see fluorescent pink flamingos and though they would be harder to touch, you could still get them in the backdrop of your shot! 

Beachside @ The Ritz Carlton Sarasota

What is better than a color-splashed sunset in the backdrop of your next Instagram? Well, nothing if you ask me! The Ritz-Carlton in Sarasota has a beautiful pool area that provides the perfect vacation-esque backdrop for your next Instagram. 

Sarasota Farmers Market

Make it look like you’re really out in the community by taking your next Instagram at the Sarasota Farmers Market. Stop by one of the fruit stands and make your image pop with a colorful background! 

OLeary’s Tiki Bar & Grill 

Image courtesy of @olearystikibar on Instagram 

If you want your followers to feel like you live where they vacation, then stop by Oleary’s Tiki Bar and Grill for a bite to eat and a quick photo shoot at the table or by the waterfront. I mean it’s hard to not look happy when you’re sitting at a Tiki Bar enjoying the view and a drink with a friend so document it! 

Lido Key

Image courtesy of @magsmoc on Instagram. 

Lido Key is undeniably the most picture-perfect beach in Sarasota! With nature blooming all around you, it’s hard to walk through Lido Key and not want to get a snapshot at every corner you turn! So, make it a record-breaking beach snapshot the next time you visit! 

Sarasota Yacht Club

Image courtesy of @sarasotayachtclub on Instagram. 

If you want to bring up your bougie rating on Instagram, then head to Sarasota Yacht Club for a backdrop filled with large boats and blue waters. The coolest part is, you might even run into a manatee in the clear blue waters by the Yacht Club. Nothing makes me want to like an image more than cute underwater animals. 

Sarasota Fairgrounds

Though the fair only stops in Sarasota once a year, that is a great opportunity for a colorful backdrop and a picture where you look like you are genuinely having fun! Grab some greasy fair food or a picture with a giraffe for your next Instagram and your followers are bound to like it! 

Turtle Beach Sarasota

Turtle Beach in Sarasota is a stunning backdrop for your followers to drool over. Not only will you have your followers feeling the FOMO, but it’s a quiet beach where you can relax for the day while taking a few shots for your Instagram. 

Sarasota Polo Club

When you watch a polo match, its tradition to be dressed in the cutest and most preppy outfits in your closet. So why not share it on Instagram? Grab your most vibrant Lily Pulitzer dress and have your friends take a few picture-perfect images during the next polo match. It's bound to get a record-breaking number of likes due to the gorgeous scenery at Sarasota Polo Club!

Marina Jack Bayfront

Image courtesy of @marinajacksarasota on Instagram. 

If you’re in the mood for a Happy Hour snapshot, head to Marina Jack! Not only do they get killer views of the sunset but they also provide a nautical theme for your next post. With giant yachts and candy-like cocktails, Marina Jack is just stunning enough to make your followers DM you and ask, “Where’d you take this shot?”. Be sure to tag the location and they might even repost your pic! 

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