St. Patrick’s Day is knocking on our doors and is the right excuse to embrace your Irishness. From feasting on corned beef and cabbage to listening to Irish music and enjoying bar trails with your friends, you can celebrate every Irish tradition.

In this blog, we are listing the 5 most popular Irish traditions and superstitions. Make sure to celebrate these in any of the best Sarasota events and admire the vibrant Irish culture!

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Best Irish Traditions and Superstitions for St. Patrick's Day

Pinch If Not Wearing Green

You must celebrate St. Patrick’s Day all decked up in green. If you don’t wear green, leprechauns can see you, and they will pinch you! And if not those mysterious little creatures, your friends can definitely pinch you. You can go to an Irish gastro brew like 3 Keys Brewing & Eatery to party with other green-wearers!

Beware of a Black Cat

One popular Irish superstition features black cats. Legend has it that if a black cat crosses your path on St. Patrick's Day, it will cause bad luck. But there’s a way to reverse the bad luck - form a triangle with your fingers and spit through the triangle. Once done, you are good to get rolling! 

Sway to Irish Music

Traditional Irish music is a significant part of St Patrick’s Day. If you want to make the Irish holiday melodious, listen to good old Irish music. The best part - it is said to bring good luck and happiness to your life. You can also go to Sarasota’s top-rated Irish pubs and bars like The Gator Club and Shamrock Pub - they’re likely to play traditional Irish music.

Drink a Pint of Guinness

This Irish holiday is also a time to raise a glass of Guinness to St. Patrick. Having a pint of Guinness is a long-standing tradition in Irish culture. So ditch the green beer and order Guinness at Paddywagon. You can also go to Clancy's or McCabes to celebrate the spirit of Irish heritage. 

Devour Some Good Ol’ Irish Soda Bread

Eating a loaf of Irish soda bread is a celebratory custom for St. Patrick's Day. Get the ingredients at The Bazaar on Apricot & Lime to bake the soda bread at home. If you don’t want to do the baking at home, try scouring the aisles of The Fresh Market in Sarasota.

Did you have fun reading these traditional Irish customs for St. Patrick’s Day?

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