Easter is a beautiful holiday celebrated around the globe. 

Different people choose to enjoy this holiday differently; some choose to track the Easter bunny, others participate in egg hunting, and others decide to decorate them and spread the holiday cheer. Most of these Easter traditions are primarily steeped in religious rituals, while others focus more on the fun part of being with your loved ones. 

Sarasota residents, whether you want to attend the colorful Easter parades or religious services, here are some beautiful Easter traditions and their meanings that you must know. 

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Top 5 Beautiful Easter Traditions and Their Meanings in Bradenton and Sarasota

Easter Egg Hunt

One beautiful and mostly done Easter tradition is the egg hunt which most kids enjoy. This idea originated from the search for the tomb of Jesus that was found empty on Easter Sunday. 

To cherish this beautiful tradition, bring your kids to the Lakewood Ranch for a fantastic Easter egg hunt experience in Sarasota.

Coloring Easter Eggs

Decorating Easter eggs has been a heart-warming tradition for a long time and people in Bradenton and Sarasota hugely embrace it. It is said that eggs were forbidden during the lent season, so painting and decorating them means that this period has ended.

Easter Sunday Service

Easter Sunday service is a common practice for most people worldwide. This service signifies a new beginning after Jesus has risen. It’s a beautiful practice and nurtures a sense of community as well. On 9th April, join Kingdom Life Christian Church – Bradenton, Florida, for their Easter Sunday Service and honor your traditions. 

Eating Lamb

Another typical Easter tradition is eating lamb. This is because Jesus' last supper was the Passover meal. To enjoy some of the best lambs, go to Pier 22 Restaurant – Patio – Ballroom for their Easter brunch buffet held on 9th April. Grove is another excellent choice to enjoy a hearty Easter holiday brunch! You can also bake a lamb cake to celebrate the joy with your friends and family! 

Easter Parade

Easter Parade is another common tradition that people in Sarasota and Bradenton love partaking in. This colorful event features marching bands, floats, and people in stunning costumes. This tradition dates back to the mid -1800 and seeks to show happiness and joy as they come together to celebrate Easter. It usually occurs in Downtown Sarasota, so you can join in and have fun.

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