This summer has been the hottest and most humid on record but it’s still important to let your dog out to run freely and get some energy out. Instead of strapping your dog on a treadmill, why not take them to one of Sarasota's Paw Parks during the early mornings and late afternoons? They’ll love it because they can make friends with other pets at the park and that’s all us Dog Parents ever really want! If you don’t know which park is the best fit for your dog, keep reading as we have curated a list of the premier destinations for pet parents in Sarasota. 

17th Street Paw Park

As one of the largest fenced-in parks in town for dogs, 17th Street Paw Park can get really busy. If your dog isn’t super friendly, this might be a hard place to take them. However, if your dog really enjoys the company of his fellow furry friends, 17th Street Paw Park is the perfect destination for an afternoon trip to the dog park. 

Lakeview Paw Park

This beautifully shady paw park in Sarasota invites dogs of all shapes, ages, and sizes to enjoy their freedom! This park gets populated with tons of dogs at any given time so be sure to take your dog here if they love to play with other pets! 

Arlington Park Sarasota

Right next to Arlington Park in Sarasota lies another great dog park that will allow your pet to roam free inside the fences. The great part about Arlington Park is that there are a lot of trees to provide you and your pet with enough shade to stand in the heat on these hot Florida days. If your pet loves to roll in the grass, or just chill in the shade without a leash, take them to this beautiful paw park in Sarasota. 

Bayfront Park

If you live in an apartment or condominium, it’s always a bummer that your dog doesn’t have their own yard to play in. But Bayfront Park has helped solve that issue by opening a grass-filled dog park where your pets can run around leash-free. 

Bird Key Park

Bird Key Park allows your dog to venture into the water, without a leash! Let your dog cool off on the coast of Sarasota at this pet-friendly beachfront park. With some gorgeous views of the sunset, it’s the perfect place for a dog-date with your furry friend. 

Happy Tails Dog Park

On the North-Eastern corner of G.T. Bray Park lies one of Sarasota’s premier destinations for letting your dog off the leash! If you want to cool your dog off, spray them with the hose or fill one of the plastic pools that the city provides. The grassy field allows your dog to run far and long, within the fenced-in area so you don’t have to stress when they get the zoomies! 

Brohard Park

Want to see your dog splashing around in the ocean? If you have a Lab or Golden Retriever then you know exactly what I’m talking about. There’s nothing like seeing your dog having the time of their lives in the water, especially on hot summer days. Stop by Brohard Park to let your dog run, off the leash, throughout the waterfront in Venice! 

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