There’s something to be said about someone who continues to put themselves out there when attempting to meet a significant other online. Meeting up with an online match for the first time can be nerve-wracking. It’s likely the MTV show Catfish has crazy thoughts running through your mind until you meet your match. So, be proud of yourself each time you go through with it. 

The location of your meet-up is just as important as your mindset going into it. So, if you’re online dating in Sarasota (and listen, we all know you are), we’ve curated a list of the best date night destinations in Sarasota for meeting your online match. ​

Bijou Cafe

If you’re looking for a popular restaurant to meet your online match, Bijou Cafe is a great place to start. Not only is it filled with people 7 days a week, they also have a big menu with flavors that will satisfy anyone’s cravings. However, this is a destination for those trying to impress their match because the prices are more expensive than many of the other destinations on this list. But, if you think this match is a keeper, go big and head to Bijou Cafe. 

Sarasota Lanes

If you don’t know much about your match and you’re nervous that conversation will be awkward, go on a date where you do something that creates more conversation naturally. A good place to start is the bowling alley, Sarasota Lanes, where you and your date can playfully compete to win. Bowling is a good way to show your potential significant other that you’re fun, outgoing and willing to make yourself look like a fool (depending on your bowling skills). 


Dinner and a movie can be difficult if you’re at a loss for words. If you do them both at the same time, no words are necessary. Text your potential match before you pick a show to ensure they will be happy with your choice and you may even learn a little bit about them. CineBistro will definitely signify to your date that you care because it’s more than just your average movie theatre. 

Buddy Brew

Meet your match for a cup of coffee at Buddy Brew some morning to sit, chat and get to know each other. This is for a match you know the conversation is going to flow with because as you sip on coffee you need to be comfortable enough to create conversation. Learning about someone’s coffee order can say a lot about them. Check out this article on What Your Coffee Order Says About You, and be prepared for the worst. 

Smugglers Cove Adventure Golf

Another fun game that could open up the conversation on a first date is minigolf. Head to Smugglers Cove in Sarasota to uncover if your potential s/o is a friendly competitor or a ferocious one. Either way, while you’re playing a game and competing with each other, it gives you something to talk about if you’re struggling to open up in conversation. This is a great first date destination for all of you that get nervous when meeting someone new. 

Sarasota Jungle Gardens

The Sarasota Jungle Gardens are a fun spot for a date if your match loves animals and the outdoors. It’ll give you and your date a chance for some privacy as you walk through the gardens and get to know one another. Running into animals along your adventure is the best part, you can see snakes, alligators, birds and even Pink Flamingos along your journey through the gardens. Want to date an animal lover? Sarasota Jungle Gardens will be the perfect place to quickly determine whether they’re going to like your pets, or not! 

The Ringling Museum

Impress your match with your knowledge of art at the Ringling Museum in Sarasota. The Ringling is beautiful and will provide you and your match the picture-perfect background for your first Instagram together, if the date goes well. With an art museum, circus museum and gardens so beautiful you’ll want to break out your camera, The Ringling Museum provides you the perfect spot to meet your online connection. 


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