Whether you’re looking for family fun, a birthday party locale, or a team-building event, escape rooms are becoming an increasingly popular choice for indoor adventure. Just grab the gang and race against the clock solving clues at the best escape rooms in the Sarasota area!

Escape Bradenton

Conveniently located on Cortez near US Highway 41, this escape room in Bradenton offers five different experiences. Whether you’re intrigued by conspiracies, crime solving, World War II, puzzles, or pirate treasure, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for here. These rooms can host groups from two to eight depending on the room. Keep in mind that no matter how many or few people you have, you still only get 60 minutes to escape!

Escape Reality Sarasota

This escape room in Sarasota is more than just an escape room. With a bar, dining, and karaoke, Escape Reality delivers far more than expected. However, if you want to come just for the escape rooms, you won’t be disappointed. Their rooms have themes to suit everyone including gothic horror, 1920’s New York, and a corporate heist. Are you looking for something to just get your feet wet and still have a bit of fun? Come in and participate in their mobile escape game.

Escape Countdown Sarasota

Mad Hatter, a Wonderland-themed room, is just one of three adventures you can have at this Sarasota escape room. Want to be transported to a different time? Try the Hyde Away room set in Victorian London. If you’re looking for something a little closer to the present time, book the Trouble in Paradise. Set right here in Florida, you’ll be racing against an oncoming Category 5 storm! Escape Countdown also offers a unique romantic getaway with a room set in Paris just for two. As a bonus, you'll walk away with more than just memories from this room as each person gets a souvenir!

Escape Room Sarasota

You can choose one of two rooms at this escape room in Sarasota. For an adventure in an old cabin with an abductor returning any moment, book Cabin in the Woods. If you feel up to the challenge of sneaking into a detective’s office and finding enough evidence to put mobsters in jail, choose The Detective. This escape room recently opened a second location in Venice called GR8 Escape Challenge which offers three new rooms including hitmen, aliens, and serial killers.

Escape Rooms Unlocked

Featuring rooms centered around an inventor, a detective, a magician, a grandmother’s will, and a missing restaurant owner, Escape Rooms Unlocked is a great adventure for those in the North Port or Punta Gorda areas. Their rooms are $25 per person and provide interactive adventures that truly test your intelligence and wit.

If you haven’t experienced this new trend yet, then you should definitely try out some of the best escape rooms in Sarasota!

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Cover photo courtesy of Pixabay