Have you been searching around downtown Sarasota looking for the perfect immersive gaming experience? Look no further than Escape Reality VR & Bar, located directly across from the Hollywood 11 on Main Street. 

Escape VR can be fun whether you are young or just young at heart. There are virtual reality games for all skill levels set in a laid-back retro arcade-style facility. 

One of the highlight single-player games available is Superhot VR. It allows you to individually navigate your way through mayhem as you swipe weapons from your fallen enemies. These tools will help you shoot and maneuver by an onslaught of bullets coming at you at slow motion. 

Anyone who has ever thought about taking their place among the stars is going to love Space Pirate Trainer. Participants have to grab their blasters, put on their dancing shoes and glide through to potentially earn a spot in the Space Pirate Trainer Hall of Fame. 

If learning while navigating across the globe is your thing, then the Google Earth VR hits the spot. You can fly around cities, stand atop noted geographical and historical landmarks and even take off for the heavens. 

The futuristic environment in Beat Saber will send your adrenaline racing as you wield red the blue laser swords in an effort to slice blocks. As you go through the game, you will hear original soundtrack music and you have the option of starting on easy mode and working up to expert+. 

The thinker at heart will enjoy trying to solve their way out of Dungeon Escape. In this virtual escape room, you have to solve puzzles using anything at your disposal in an effort to get out of your dungeon cell. 

In the kid-friendly game, Job Simulator, your new robot overlord Job Bot takes you through parodies of four different jobs: office worker, gourmet chef, store clerk or auto-mechanic. Unfortunately for you, there is now infinite overtime mode and no end in-sight to the night shift. 

There are also several multiplayer games that are great when you are with a group, led by Arizona Sunshine. In the game, you and up to four friends are shot right into a world where there has been a zombie apocalypse. 

Another thriller is the first-person tactical shooting VR game Zero Caliber. You will experience a dystopian United States as you and your military buds try to restore order with several realistic-looking weapons. 

If you want to feel larger than life, take a run through the 35 unique levels offered on To The Top. Get superhuman powers are you try to work your way through the climbing /platforming game that puts you through superbot training. 

The most kid-friendly multiplayer game is Cowboys and Aliens. This old west brawl where anything goes stays light-hearted with the cartoony and lack of gore. 

While the gaming is great and seamlessly never-ending, Escape VR also has a fully-stocked cocktail lounge to unwind in. The bar features plenty of craft beer, wine and unique cocktail options.