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eric Reviews on Irish 31 Sarasota 3 years ago

Irish 31 Sarasota

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My husband fell in your handicapped parking area because of NO LIGHTING and the fact that the 2 spots were at the back of a Non-Lit handicap spot he tripped over a curb he could not see! The manager claimed they do Not own the building. We were there to Eat!!!! The handicap spots are #1 way too far from the front of the restaurants entrance and and #2 it’s is not only not lit, but, really, not even close to the front door! With Non-existence of any kind of lighting! The curb that he could not see, made him fall! He was literally BLEEDING! And not even offered a bandage or cleaning agent to get the dirt out! We’ve been going there for the wings specifically and this is UNACCEPTABLE! He has two false knees, thank God he didn’t displace either one! I suggest you light up that darn lot and put the handicap spots by the front door! Y’all are lucky it wasn’t worse! Contact me directly for any info... linnhunter@aol.com. You may be hearing from our attorney if his dizziness does not go away!!!

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