If you're living in sunny Sarasota and looking to sell your home, you’re in luck! Sarasota was recently ranked by U.S. News as the 34th best place to live and the 3rd best place to retire.

The town offers everything that families or retirees could want yet maintains a small-town, beachy feel that attracts home buyers from all over the country. The fact that Sarasota is nestled just a short drive away from the big cities of both Orlando and Tampa also makes it a highly desirable location.

In addition to its beach appeal, Sarasota also offers something that many moderately-sized coastal communities don’t: a sizeable job market, especially for people working in the healthcare, tourism, or small business industries.

Top real estate agents in Sarasota are well-equipped to utilize these selling points in their marketing strategy for your home. If you're considering selling your home in sunny Sarasota, here are four things to consider in order to sell quickly and at a great price not just in the spring but any time of year.

Consider the Seasonal Home Buying Cycle 

Statistics compiled by Zillow show that spring is the absolute best time to sell your home, and this is true for sellers across the country. Spring has many benefits that encourage home buyers to purchase including:
• Desirable weather for home shopping 
• Tax refund reason means that home buyers have an influx of cash 
• Families have children on spring break, making it the ideal time to travel to visit homes during the day

Choose a Real Estate Agent with a Plan to Attract Snowbirds

Best real estate agents in Sarasota know how to leverage the major appeal of coastal Florida homes. In addition to the standard reasons that people choose to rev up their home buying search in the spring, coastal Florida also gives a major reason to hit the ground running to buy a home during springtime.

It’s no secret that Florida is a paradise for retirees. Homes in Sarasota that go on the market in late winter or early spring will have major appeal to snowbirds. After spending months dealing with snow, freezing rain, and negative temperatures, many Northerners (especially retirees) are ready to finally throw in the towel and head South for sunshine and year-round warm weather.

Get the Ideal Sarasota Look

Whether your home is fairly new construction or built several decades ago, drive up your home’s appeal by adding touches that give it a real Florida vibe. This could be as simple as adding a few decorative pieces (think pineapples accent pieces, framed beach-themed wall art, or adding greenery indoors).

As a current resident, you're likely so used to the draw that coastal Florida has to non-residents. As you add some Sarasota style to your home, try to remember the potential buyer cooped up inside due to a two-foot snowstorm that may be viewing photos of your home.

Prep Your Home During the Winter Months

If you're even just considering selling your home, take advantage of winter months to prep your home to be put on the market. Complete any major repairs and determine what cosmetic upgrades can be done prior to March rolling around.

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Cover photo courtesy of Pixabay