We all know that phones eat first, but when your server or bartender hands you a drink that turns your eyes into hearts like our favorite emoji, do phones drink first too? Well, in my opinion, if you consider yourself a foodie you’re likely a lover of beautiful and Instagram-worthy drinks too. So, let your phones get first dibs on the drinks that make you smile and share them with your followers so they can get excited too. 

Check out our list of Sarasota’s most Instagram-worthy cocktails below! 

O’Leary’s Tiki Bar and Grill 

Image courtesy of @olearystikibar on Instagram. 

O’leary’s Tiki Bar & Grill has vibrant and delicious frozen cocktails that they serve up in the perfect beachside lighting for your next Instagram story. 

Oak & Stone

Image courtesy of @oakandstonerestaurants on Instagram. 

Though Oak & Stone is known more for their vast selection of beer, they also serve up some picture-perfect cocktails filled with cute garnishes and bright colors. You could even add a garnish to your beer for an Instagram story so your followers know where to find some of St. Pete’s best brews! 

The Doctor’s Office AMI

Image courtesy of @doctorsofficeami on Instagram. 

DM ON INSTA (twice)

Speaking of garnishes, if that makes or breaks a cocktails rating for you, The Doctor’s Office in Anna Maria Island serves up all of their cocktails with a little extra something special! Whether its bright pink flowers, bright orange citrus or stuffed jalapenos, The Doctor’s Office has a wide variety of Instagram-Worthy drinks. 

State Street Eating House & Cocktails

DM ON INSTA / EMAILED chris@statestreetsrq.com 

At State Street Eating House & Cocktails they serve up gorgeous drinks, always in a picture-perfect glass. If you order a margarita or martini, expect it to be served up with curly-que rinds of lime or orange in a tall and thin-stemmed glass. No matter which cocktail you order from their bar, you’re followers will love the way it looks!

Libby’s Brasserie

Image courtesy of @libbysbrasserie on Instagram. 

Don’t you love when a cocktail lands on your table and just the vibrant color of it makes you smile? Well at Libby’s Brasserie they serve up cocktails of every color all as vibrant as your last. 


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