Sarasota is one of the best locations for your special occasions like your engagement and wedding as well as maternity and family photos. There are some promising gems around that you may not know about, so check out our recommendations for the best photo location spots in Sarasota.  

Siesta Key Beach

Siesta Key Beach is a well-known beach among locals and tourists, but it's also beautiful location to get your pictures done. At sunset with a skilled photographer, the vast white sand and deep blue waves against the pink and orange skies provide the perfect backdrop to breathtaking wedding and special occasion photos.

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Beer Can Island

A lesser-known location spot for photos, Beer Can Island is off the beaten path, making it a little harder to get to, but if you're up for it, this place is enchanting despite its name. The driftwood on the beach contributes to the wonderfully unique scenery, making it perfect for special occasions like an engagement photo shoot.

Ringling Museum of Art

Ever think of going to a museum for a photo shoot? The Ringling Museum of Art has walkways, arches, gardens, and more details to make lovely photos for weddings or any special occasions. The light pink buildings are beautifully captured in the morning light, so photos here are nothing short of magical.

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The Celery Fields

At The Celery Fields, your photos will look like they were taken out of state, especially during golden hour. It's a prime location for your photo shoot as there are miles of greenery, beautiful walkways, and boardwalks. Here, you'll walk away with photos that are truly unique and different from your friends'.

Phillippi Estate Park

Filled with nature's beauty, Phillippi Estate Park is most definitely on the list of best photo location spots in Sarasota. This park is popular for weddings and receptions because of the views, but it's also an incredible place to take pictures! There are beautiful gazebos draped in vines and greenery, large trees that make lovely props, open fields, captivating dirt paths, and a deck that overlooks the sparkling water. Your photos are sure to turn out stunning at this location!

Bayfront Park

Lastly, Bayfront Park, is a prime photo location spot as it's just across the street from lively Downtown Sarasota. There is so much going on around here, but it's still a tranquil and decently quiet place. This park has marina, a splash park, a playground, picnic tables, swinging benches, and gorgeous views of the bay, so you have plenty of photo opportunities here. During sunset, you'll get the most romantic photos as you swing on the benches together, walk by the beautiful boats, or have a picnic.

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There are so many great photo location spots in Sarasota, so you're bound to find one that caters to your specific wanted and needs for your wedding or other special occasion. Check them all out, and let us know which you choose in the comments section below! 

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Cover photo courtesy of Unsplash