Need to find your flow? If you're looking for a place to get fit and take care of your mental health, too, practicing yoga may be what you need. Finding a good studio can be another obstacle between you and your fitness goals, so we've saved you the search by narrowing down the best yoga studios in Sarasota where you can focus on your physical and spiritual wellness.

Yoga From the Heart 

Yoga from the Heart was built on the strong belief that yoga is available for everyone and meant to be accessible at every stage of our lives. At Yoga from the Heart, you will find some of the most in-depth advanced studies and transformational programs in the country. Led by Lynn Burgess, a yoga veteran with more than 15 years of teaching experience, our programs are designed to give students a comprehensive education into the physical, technical and spiritual aspects of the practice. Lynn and her staff of passionate, authentic educators utilize more than 50 years of combined yoga teaching experience to offer a Yoga Alliance-approved teacher training program, mentor groups and a compassionate community. 

Rosemary Court Yoga

As the #1 Yoga Studio in Sarasota, Rosemary Court Yoga offers all styles of yoga classes and private training sessions seven days a week. Their classes are designed for all levels of experience so it has quickly become a favorite with visitors and residents of Sarasota. Located in the heart of Downtown Sarasota, this welcoming studio is always excited to welcome new members to the Rosemary Court Yoga family. Stop by today and check out their calendar of events to figure out which class you want to begin with! 

Circusoul Yoga

Circusoul is different than many of the other yoga studios on this list because they focus on aerial yoga. Aerial yoga is a type of modern yoga developed in 2014 combining traditional yoga poses, Pilates, and dance with the use of a hammock and at Circusoul Yoga, you can purchase your own hammock and continue practicing at home! They are the only comprehensive aerial yoga studio and teaching program in the SRQ. They also host yoga retreats, workshops, and private instruction, and offer Thai Yoga classes.  So if you’re looking for a new form of working out that gets you up in the air and excited about gaining muscle, Circusoul Yoga Studio is a great place to check out! 

The Yoga Shack 

Located in Downtown Sarasota is a tranquil space filled with good energy that specializes in Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga, and Meditation. This sanctuary serves clients from all over Sarasota because they genuinely love yoga and all of the physical and mental benefits it gives to their clients. Their goal is to continue to offer quality Yoga classes that embody the full essence of yoga in an oasis of fun, healing, and good energy. Some of the classes they offer are Yoga Foundation, All Levels Vinyasa Yoga, and Power Vinyasa as well as Yin Yoga. Each one of their classes includes pranayama (breathing technique), asana (postures), dhyana (meditation), and relaxation. Stop by to give yourself time to relax and get fit at the same time!

Prana Yoga & Healing Center

As Siesta Key’s premiere destination for finding your yoga flow, Prana Yoga & Healing Center, focuses on alignment-based classes in Iyengar and Anusara styles of yoga. Whether you consider yourself a raw beginner or a seasoned practicer, Prana Yoga invites you in with open arms.  The intention of the yoga instruction at Prana is to empower each student by giving them anatomical instruction of the body and poses. This knowledge will transform the yoga practice to be therapeutic, helping to heal injury and reduce pain for chronic conditions. Check it out for a tranquil yoga experience that will help heal mental and physical wounds at Prana Yoga & Healing Center. 

Bikram Yoga - Downtown Sarasota

If you’ve never heard of Bikram yoga, it’s what you sit in a yoga class and turn the thermostat up to 105 degrees while you work your muscles to the max for about 90 minutes. For Sarasota locals, Bikram Yoga Sarasota is the best place to try it. All ability and experience levels are welcome but this isn’t your average yoga class. Be prepared to sweat out all of the toxins and bad energy so you can leave feeling like a whole new person. All of their teachers are certified Bikram instructors and they invite you to advance at your own pace! Practice your breathing exercises and 26 poses during their 90-minute classes! Check out their full calendar of classes if you’re prepared for the heat! 

Bhavana Yoga Studio

If you’re interested in trying yoga for the first time and aren’t sure what kind of yoga is right for you, Bhavana Yoga Studio offers classes and workshops in a wide range of styles and levels. You would begin in a beginners course and then move on to restorative, yin yoga and hot yoga, depending on what goals you have in mind. Bhavana Yoga classes are designed to cultivate your relationship to the physical, mental, & spiritual bodies. All of their classes are designed with safety, accessibility, and comfort in mind. Your teachers learned everything they know from the Heartwood Retreat Center and have their own unique style as they challenge your bodies and minds to build experiences and make working out fun! If you’re interested in aerial yoga, check out their sister studio, ReFlex Arts, which is just a few minutes walk from their location in The Village

Body Heat Hot Yoga

Located in the Village, Body Heat Yoga is the premier destination for hot and power yoga. When it was opened in 2007 by Kelly Prince, it quickly gained traction in Sarasota as the first business of its kind. They offer many different kinds of yoga practice like Bikram Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga and Fusion Yoga & Yin Yoga. You can choose from 26 different classes each week and be sure you're being instructed by the best of the best. 

Yoga Libre

Yoga Libre offers more than just yoga, though that is their specialty, they have body rolling classes, private sessions and nutrition consultations too! After recently moving to the Towles Court Pavilion in Downtown Sarasota, they have a more serene spot where you can really find time to relax in the midst of your busy and hectic life. Gift yourself the time for personal growth and renewal so you can practice and study the correct form. Their class sizes are small and intimate so whether you choose to take a class or do a 1-on-1 training session with a personal trainer you’ll feel their attention to detail.

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