Summer vacation, with its warm and golden promise, is sadly on its way out for school bound kids. While they may groan as parents cheer, we have good news!  There’s one more party to attend before calling it a summer. Sarasota Jungle Gardens (located at 3701 Bay Shore Road in Sarasota) has a fabulous opportunity for parents looking for a fun animal-centric activity to create lasting summer memories and the best's FREE!

On Aug. 5th and 6th, adults can bring up to three children each for FREE with the price of one paid adult ticket to Sarasota Jungle Gardens’ Back to School Bash. Paid adult tickets are $17.99 plus tax and $16.99 for seniors, plus tax. Children 4-16 would usually pay $12.99, but with this excellent deal, kids can enjoy the gardens for free before going back to school.

One of Florida’s oldest attractions, these beautiful gardens have been family-owned and operated since 1936. They began as a private botanical garden full of exotic plants and trees, painstakingly sourced from around the world to fit in with the natural environment.

Passersby began to take an interest, and soon, people began heading to the gardens specifically to see the plants. Introducing a small admission fee in 1939; the gardens opened officially as a public attraction. 

Though ownership changed hands within the family over the years, the impeccable grounds continued to lure visitors. When the Exotic Bird Show was added in the early 1970s attendance grew. 

Veterans of those first shows, nicknamed “Jailbirds” after being trained by California prison inmates - still perform today. 

Numerous mammals have since joined the Gardens —95 percent of these beautiful creatures were rescued by state and federal organizations from abusive or inhumane conditions.

Today’s visitors can enjoy a plethora of activities and exhibits, including a butterfly garden, bird interaction area, alligator and crocodile shows, flamingo feeding area, petting zoo and koi pond. 

Children will love the shows like Wildlife Wonder, which teaches the audience about red-tailed hawks, kookaburras, skunks and hissing cockroaches.

At the daily jungle bird show, the Gardens’ feathered residents show off skills that range from roller-skating to bicycling, as audiences shiver with excitement at the twice-daily reptile encounter. Guests can even visit with or hold one of the “performers” after the show! (Fees may apply, and animals may vary.)

So add the August dates into your calendar and prepare to send summer off with a bang your children will always remember. Let them party like an animal at  Sarasota Jungle Gardens before heading back to school. Register on 941area to stay connected to more Free things to do in the Sarasota area, to find fun Events and things to do in Sarasota, as well as nightlife, great bars, and restaurants in Sarasota