Calling all Sarasota film fanatics! Friday, April 13th jump starts the annual Sarasota Film Festival, which continues through April 22nd. The Sarasota Film Festival started as a mere three-day festival and over the past years has grown tremendously into a ten-day event that continuously ranks in the top ten percent out of nearly 850 film festivals in North America! This platform allows independent filmmakers to have their voices heard. This is one event that you will not want to miss!

For Families

For those who are interested in making this a family affair, you'll be happy to learn that there are many family-oriented films and activities in this year’s lineup. One activity that might be of interest is titled “20 Hour Film Contest Screening” where contests of all ages are welcomed to create a short film having only 20 hours to film and 20 hours to edit. The film will then be screened in front of a live audience with an award ceremony to follow.

If your little ones are only interested in viewing some awesome short flicks, then you might consider programs such as “Shorts 12: Youthfest All Ages Program” that is comprised of several fun films appropriate for those of all ages!

For Adults

If you are interested in having an adult only fun time, there are many adult-oriented films for you to view. Browse through several titles for the Sarasota Film Festival and chose the films that interest you. Whether it be a sci-fi film such as “Cold Skin” or something more realistic such as “Above and Beyond: Nasa’s Journey to Tomorrow”, there should be a film for everyone's interest. There is a lot packed into the ten-day festival! 


Tickets are currently on sale and although they can be purchased for individual films and events, there are ticket packages available for those interested in some major film viewing.

  • Ten Pack- For $140 you can purchase a ten pack of tickets and save one dollar off each ticket! This package of tickets is good for Main Slate and competition films only.
  • Centerpiece Spotlight Four Pack- For $75 you will receive four tickets for any Centerpiece or Spotlight film.
  • Matinee Pack- For those of you that are free during the day before 5 will be excited about this package. All screening schedule before 5 pm, Monday through Friday will be at Matinee price. This package includes 5 tickets for $50.
  • Cinephile Elite- This pass will get you unlimited access to all films and one VIP ticket per party for $1500. This pass is for Cinephile Elite Members only and membership can be bought simultaneously with this pass for an additional $1500.

The Sarasota Film Festival is so much more than just people gathering around a screen and watching videos. It is a celebration of art and the people who create it. No matter who you decide to go with, there is something for everyone! Attend special events and parties or search through over 200 short films titles and descriptions and listen as these storytellers broadcast their independent message to all those willing to listen.

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Photo from Unsplash