Most people have a routine that they follow from day to day. It isn’t even usually planned. It just happens. You wake up. You get ready. You go to work or school. Then, it’s dinner, family time, bed. The reality is life can get mundane, but Sarasota has a place to break up that monotony at Escape Reality | Sarasota.

Escape rooms are becoming more and more popular, but Escape Reality has more to offer than the average game. With locations on Lockwood Ridge and University Parkway, there’s more than one convenient place for you to hang out with friends and family. Between the two locations, there are five different themed rooms for you to try.

Escape Reality With These Sarasota Escape Rooms 

If you’ve ever fantasized about being a detective, try the Descent into Madness game. Scotland Yard could use your help to solve a supernatural mystery. Set in London in 1905, this Gothic experience will have you facing your fears and escaping the clutches of a madman. This room is designed for groups of two to eight people.

Step back into the 1920s in Mafia Mayhem. The New York speak-easy is the place to be during this period of Prohibition. Find drinks to satisfy your thirst during this adventure. Groups of four to eight players can join this adventure. You’ll even have a live guide to help you navigate the criminals you’ll encounter along the way.

Bring the kids with you to the Robot Toy Factory room where toy production has been halted by robots. This room features games and toys as part of the experience. For groups of three to eight people, this room requires some climbing and crawling to investigate the situation fully.

Take back your ideas and get recognition for your work in the Corporate Spy game. With your choice of The Office or Office Space themed rooms, you’ll get some laughs out of this game. Steal your company ideas back from the corporate offices or risk being fired and arrested. Because each room is a copy of the other, you also have the ability to compete with another team at the same time.

If you are looking for something a little different than the usual escape room, visit Escape Reality VR & Bar | Downtown Sarasota on Main Street in Sarasota. There’s a bar to relax and hang out when you aren’t busy participating in one of the virtual reality games, playing classic games in the arcade, or breaking out the board games for a little friendly competition.

Escape Reality is more than an escape room. It’s a complete gaming experience. It’s a place to go to have some fun with family and friends. Local founders Michael Katzman and Suzan Ponte use their unique decor, love of games, and passion for fun to make this the ideal Sarasota hangout for groups of all ages. Head out to their University Parkway or Lockwood Ridge locations to solve mysteries and escape dangerous situations, or go to the VR Bar on Main Street to enjoy a drink, have some laughs, and escape reality for a little while.