Looking for a fun way to enjoy an afternoon or spend the evening out with friends? Escape Reality offers the best escape room facility in the city, with several games geared towards different age ranges and skill levels. 

Families who want to participate in the escape room experience together should take on the Robot Toy Factory. You will be tasked with helping the struggling Timmy Tonka’s Toy Factory during their 100th anniversary. Investigating the changes made by the new owner will be key to making sure the production schedule gets back up to speed and the company doesn’t have to shut down. 

If you want to inject some fun into the regular old office party, bringing your staff to Escape Reality to play Corporate Spy is the way to go. Up to eight players can take part at once in a caper that sends you aiming to steal back your million dollar idea from the corporate bigwigs that originally swiped it away. There are two identical rooms for this escape room that can be played simultaneously and accommodate even more people. 

The evening crowd can truly get a scare by traveling back in time to 1905 London with the Gothic horror story Descent Into Madness. You will have to boldly tackle your fears as you work to one-up Scotland Yards and solve the mystery surrounding a twisted madman. 

Another great escape room to plan a night out with all your friends around is Mafia Mayhem. Teams of four or eight go back in time to roaring 20s, where gangsters and criminals call the shots in New York’s prohibition scene. A live actor will assist you on your adventure and, for players 21 and older, there exists the opportunity to search for alcoholic drinks hiding throughout the room. 

All the standard escape rooms are $28.89 for adults, $24.88 for seniors, college students and veterans and $14.45 for children under eight. The only exception is Mafia Mayhem which is $34.24 for adults, 29.10 for seniors, college students and veterans and $19.80 for kids under eight.