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St. Armands CircleJun 14, 2014 12:00 PMCraft enthusiasts converge in beautiful St. Armands Circle to enjoy the art of over 100 local and national crafters from 30 different states.

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St. Armand?s Circle offers a unique shopping experience off the gulf coast of Sarasota, Florida. Beautiful lush scenery and exquisite shops, restaurants, and boutiques exist in a harmonious tropical atmosphere located in the center of Florida?s Lido Key. Dozens of exclusive retailers make St. Armand?s Circle their home. Sidewalk cafes, cultured restaurants, exotic boutiques, and a variety of other business and services make St. Armand?s Circle a one of a kind experience for any visitor to the area. Fine dining is abundant in the St. Armand?s Circle of the Lido Key. Whether you want to sip on delicious coffee while watching the tropical scenery of the island or celebrate a special moment in a restaurant of high sophistication, this is the setting for you. Thousands of visitors each year enjoy the heavenly climate coupled with great food and drinks at one of the many sidewalk cafes in the district. Many others celebrate their weddings, anniversaries, and other momentous occasions at one of the fine dining establishments of St. Armand?s Circle. Shopping experiences are also abundant in the circle. Stores that are exclusively found only at St. Armand?s Circle provide visitors to the Lido Key with an unparalleled shopping adventure. Retailers of unique shops line the streets calling out to guests of the island with welcoming salutations. St. Armand?s Circle is unlike any other retail district in the world. With its dazzling architecture and abundance of unexampled retailers, it is truly an experience guaranteed to astonish anyone who is visiting Florida.